Lancaster Style Center Fill Gooseneck Pipes
Conventional and High Profile

(for bottom unloading silos)

HEAVY DUTY GOOSENECKS available and should be used in the following conditions:

SURESHOT ADJUSTABLE GOOSENECK BASE - Designed for use for 9" and 12" conventional centerfill goosenecks. Allows user to accurately adjust the flow of silage - while standing on the platform - to fall directly in the center of the silo. 18" spout included.

Demuth Style Center Fill Gooseneck Pipes

(for bottom unloading silos)
silo fill pipes fast
Fast-Fill Pipes
  • Available in 9" or 12" wide designs to fill all silos
  • Fabricated of heavy 15-gauge galvanized steel for long, rust-proof life
  • Rounded, roll-formed corners reduce friction, allowing material to move easily and quickly into the structure
  • High-profile design reduces resistance to flow and increases blowing efficiency
  • Exterior surface is mill galvanized which means there's no paint to peel or scratch
  • Easy assembly and installation with snap together sections
  • Fully adjustable braces
  • Easy operation with flip top hinge and sliding vertical end section
  • High performance

Demuth High Profile Center-Fill Gooseneck Pipes

(for top unloading silos)
silo fill pipes, center
  • Available for all silo sizes
  • Fabricated from heavy 15-gauge galvanized steel for long, rust-proof life
  • Rounded, roll-formed corners reduce friction, allowing for fast loading
  • Easy to assemble and install

Lancaster Style Center-Fill Gooseneck Pipes

(for top uploading silos)
silo fill pipes, center
  • Durable, rigid galvanized box frame construction on lower section. Upper section open on bottom, but firmly supported with extra bracing.
  • Quick and easy to install, including mounting brackets, attaches to first two silo hoops.
  • Factory preassembled for quality assurance.
  • Heavy stainless steel liner turns the stream of feed and handles the initial impact.
  • Choose from the largest selection anywhere. Choose 9" or 12" models. 12" width is recommended for haylage and greater blowing capacity.
  • Expect many years of service If replacement is needed, replace the damaged section only.
  • Center fill goosenecks discharge at the center of the silo, and are used with ring drive unloaders.
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